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DronItalia S.rl, which has great experience in thermal inspections, power transmission line inspections, multispectral analyzes in agriculture and forest areas, photogrammetric mapping and 3D modeling, brings you a new generation technical imaging approach with the latest technology equipment and software it uses.


DronItalia S.rl, which combines equipment selection and timing at the optimum level by planning the needs in the most accurate way, offers its services to you by saving time and cost.

Thermography Services
  • Solar Power Plant Inspections

  • Propeller Structural Integrity Inspections

  • Building HVAC and Roof Inspections

  • Base Station Reviews

  • Customized Reviews

3D Map Services
  • We produce combined high resolution aerial images (orthophoto), 3D site models and digital elevation maps for developers, site managers, engineers and contractors. Projects, field analyzes, infrastructure designs, volume calculations can be made with the data we produce, and fast and accurate decisions can be made about these issues.

Technical Imaging
  • PV Panel Electroluminescence Imaging

  • Energy Transmission Line Inspections

  • Multispectral Analyzes

  • Photogrammetry Applications

  • Space and small object 3D Laser Scanning  

  • 360 Degree Photo and Video Shooting

  • Virtual Tour Applications

  • Preparation of cultural survey and restoration projects

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Progress Photography

All Archeology, Restoration,  For Construction Projects:

  • Monthly project progress photographing

  • Field and site delivery photography

  • Architectural and archaeological find documentation

  • Creating a Digital Cultural Asset Inventory

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